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The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) is a collection of tools that you can use to customise, assess and deploy the Windows 8 operating systems to new computers. The Windows ADK includes components that were previously released as part of the OEM Pre-installation Kit (OPK) for earlier versions of Windows, such as:

  • Windows Pre-installation Environment. A minimal operating system designed to prepare a computer for installation and servicing of Windows.
  • Deployment tools. Tools to help you customise, manage and deploy Windows images. They also automate Windows deployments, removing user interaction during Windows setup.

Windows deployment documentation

The following documentation will help you deploy a licence-compliant version of Windows to new computers and servers:

  • Basic Windows Deployment. Use with the product DVD to deploy on a single computer.
  • Advanced Windows Deployment. Use for deploying, customising and updating the operating system on multiple computers.
  • Windows Policy for System Builders. Review these manufacturing requirements to install, configure and distribute Windows 8.
  • Autounattend.xml files. Use the sample autounattend.xml files to add your company and support information, along with a valid product key.

Windows ADK demos

Learn how to use the Windows ADK tools to customise and deploy Windows 8 to new computers. These video demos take you through a typical Windows 8 deployment. Topics include:

  • An introduction to installing and deploying Windows on multiple computers.
  • Minimum licence requirements for installing Windows.
  • Adding a set of full-system recovery tools.
  • Capturing and adding new drivers, updates and packages to Windows images.

Language Interface Packs

Language Interface Packs (LIPs) can be installed on any edition of Windows 8, providing a translation of the most widely used dialogue boxes, menu items and help content.

When you download a LIP, here are a few things that you should know:

  • You get the parent language requirements for that language.
  • You must install the parent language pack before the LIP can be installed.
  • You can install more than one LIP, so each user of the computer can display the user interface in a different language.

Touch capability in Windows 8 OEM software

In order to promote the best “touch” experience on computers, OEM System Builder software for Windows 8 will only support touch functionality on hardware that has been certified for touch in Windows 8. When buying Windows 8 System Builder software, look for hardware that carries the “Windows 8 Compatible” logo and that has passed certification for touch capability. Touch hardware that is not certified for Windows 8 and does not include a special code provided to OEMs during the certification process and injected into the touchscreen’s firmware will not work once the System Builder product is installed meaning that the computer will not be touch-enabled after Windows 8 is installed.

Whenever customers are looking to upgrade a touch computer with a previous version of Windows, they should be directed to purchase the retail Windows 8 Upgrade SKUs. In addition, we recommend customers who are considering the Windows 8 System Builder product should be advised about the touch limitation to avoid any potential dissatisfaction.

Remember that purchasing Windows 8 System Builder software for personal use does not come with support from Microsoft.

If you have any questions about these restrictions, visit the Reseller Support System OEM forums.

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