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Common Sales Scenarios | How to Sell Windows 7 | Preinstalling Windows 7 | Editions and Features | New Features

Prepare to build and sell PCs preinstalled with Windows 7 and learn about SKU editions and features of Windows 7.

Quick Takes: Common Sales Scenarios for Windows 7

These short, on-demand presentations provide insight and tips on how to talk with customers about a Windows 7 upgrade. (Online, 5 minutes each)

How to Sell Windows 7 to Home and Small Business Customers

Selling Windows 7 is a course that will help system builders and resellers sell Windows 7-based PCs to their home or small business customers. It includes self-paced modules and core material needed to understand the value proposition of Windows 7:

How to Sell Windows 7 Professional

This online sales training course is designed to help you increase sales of Windows 7 Professional to your small- and mid-sized business customers.

Preinstalling Windows 7

Whether you need basic information or advanced deployment tools, you can choose from labs, online courses and step-by-step videos to help you through the process.


Windows 7 SKU Editions and Feature Sets

We listened carefully to feedback from our partners and your customers. The result is a SKU lineup based on the main points you made. Here is how we integrated your feedback in Windows 7:

Clarity: Which version of Windows is right for me?
Easier upgrades: I want easier upgrading to a different SKU.
One size does not fit all: With a billion users and thousands of partners around the world, can you make a SKU just for my market’s needs?
Keeping features: I don’t want to lose features when upgrading to a different SKU.

New Windows 7 Features

Windows XP Mode
  • Allows Windows 7 Professional users to run many Windows XP productivity applications.
  • Is designed to help small business using older Windows XP applications to move to Windows 7.
Remote Media Streaming
  • Enables users to securely access home-based digital media libraries over the Internet from another Windows 7 PC outside the home.

Windows 7 Communities

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