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Server Upgrade Sales Campaign

Campaign overview

The “Why Wait?” Upgrade Sales campaign is designed to help you show small and midsize business customers how upgrading to Windows Server 2012 allows them to modernise and standardise their IT infrastructure and consolidate servers.

Benefits of upgrading to Windows Server 2012 can include:

  • Reduced operational costs and increased efficiencies
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Ability to be cloud-ready
  • Increased business agility and ability to scale to accommodate business growth
  • Improved system availability
  • Ability to implement cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solutions

Business opportunity

Worldwide, 57 per cent of the installed base of x86 servers – a total of about 13 million servers – are still running Windows Server 2003. Additionally, mid-sized businesses are seeking ways to increase their competitiveness. These two dynamics help make the sale of server upgrades one of the largest server revenue opportunities today.

With hundreds of new features in Windows Server 2012, upgrading small and mid-sized business customers to the most modern version of Windows Server can deliver significant business benefits, efficiencies and drive customer relationships.

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Server upgrade sales resources

Tool Description
Use this telesales guide to train your teams about the key reasons to upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012.
Upgrade FAQ

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Use this guide to get responses to frequently asked questions related to upgrading from Windows Server 2012 from Windows Server 2003.
Use this high-level comparison chart to quickly see which technologies are available in Windows Server 2012 that were not available in Windows Server 2003.
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