OEM competency

With the recent releases of Windows 8, Office 2013, and Windows servers, it’s time to show your expertise and increase your benefits as a skilled Microsoft partner. Earning a Microsoft OEM competency can help you gain a competitive edge with increased customer visibility in the marketplace.

Advantages for partners with an OEM competency

Through the OEM competency, you can demonstrate your ability to design and deliver quality hardware solutions optimized for Microsoft software.

Competency benefits and requirements

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), you can gain access to business opportunities and benefits. By earning an OEM competency, you can differentiate and build your business with the help of training, internal-use licenses for Microsoft software, partner advisory hours for technical and competitive presales assistance, and more.

Requirements update: The OEM competency is continuously being enhanced to help the business of Microsoft OEMs, system builders, device makers, and resellers succeed. Prepare for the latest updates to the OEM competency credentials requirement that will include Microsoft’s latest technology and be more relevant to our mutual customers. Starting February 2014, all partners will need to meet the new requirements to enroll in the OEM competency, and active OEM competency partners will need to meet the new requirements by their Microsoft Partner Network anniversary date to re-enroll.

Improving your Microsoft partner benefits

Earning a silver or gold OEM competency provides even more advantages beyond core Microsoft Partner Network benefits.

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