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Find software downloads, service packs, and OEM tools for preinstalling Windows operating systems, servers, and applications. Also locate deployment guides and additional Microsoft technical resources and tools.​​​

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OEM software, preinstallation tools, and related resources
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Tool Description
Six-step process for deploying Windows Review this six-step "Build a Windows device" process for an overview of how to prepare your lab environment and customize and deploy your Windows operating system in preparation for supporting and selling a new device.
Windows 10 Deployment White Paper for System Builders
.pdf 993 KB
Step-by-step guide includes online and offline customizations for both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations. This guide is specially targeted for system builders and applies to all versions of the Windows 10 client operating system.
OEM Preinstallation Guide for Office 2016
.pdf 1.37 MB
Instructions on how to preload Office 2016 on new computers for distribution to end users.
Windows 8.1 ADK training and documentation These training documents provide step-by-step guidance for preinstalling Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2012.
Deploying Windows 8 video demos Demonstration videos and video transcripts provide information about how to deploy Windows 8 using the Windows ADK tools.
System Builder Basics OPK expert James Kahle offers a practical introduction to using the Windows OPK, along with tips and tricks.
Express Deployment Tool User’s Guide Instructions for deploying Windows-based PCs with the Express Deployment tool with Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 SP1.
Express Deployment Tool User’s Guide for Windows 7 Instructions for deploying Windows-based PCs with the Express Deployment Tool, including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Small Business Server 2011, Windows Home Server, Windows Storage Server, Office 2010, PC Essentials, Microsoft Security Essentials, and Internet. This guide is included in the download for the Express Deployment Tool.
.zip 6.46 MB
Hard Disk Recovery Solution
.pdf 1.8 MB
This solution enables Windows 7 to recover from most known causes for unbootable systems.
Windows 7 OPK Videos and Labs These training documents and videos provide step-by-step guidance for preinstalling Windows 7.
Quick Start for System Builders
.pdf 116 KB
This guide provides instructions for a Windows installation that meets minimum legal requirements.
Step-by-Step: Basic Windows Deployment for OEMs
.pdf 195 KB
This guide is ideal for new users who want to learn the basics of Windows deployment.
Skype Deployment Guide
.pdf 428 KB
Instructions for preinstalling Skype onto new PCs for distribution to end customers.
Microsoft Security Essentials Deployment Guide
.pdf 1.6 MB
Instructions for preinstalling Microsoft Security Essentials version 2.0 Service Pack 1 onto new PCs for distribution to end customers.
Windows Essentials Deployment Guide
.pdf 175 KB
This guide explains how to use the set of tools and documentation within the Windows Essentials 2012 OPK to download, configure, and install Windows Live programs.
Bing Bar Deployment Guide
.pdf 1.32 MB
Instructions and requirements to preinstall Bing Bar onto new PCs.
Internet Explorer 9 Installation and User Experience Guidelines
.pdf 358 KB
Instructions for preinstalling Windows Internet Explorer 9 and user experience guidelines.
Labeling the Click-to-Run Virtual Drive
.pdf 1.2 MB
New technology hosts Office Starter 2010 files in a virtualized application space that users cannot access but is visible in Windows Explorer.

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Download and update resources

  • Microsoft Download Center
    Find technical files for all Microsoft products. These downloads include device drivers, service packs, and patches, as well as full products.  
  • Windows 10 Updates
    Microsoft releases cumulative updates for Windows 10. In order to provide the best possible out-of-box experience for end users, Microsoft encourages partners to pre-install the latest cumulative update available when finalizing an image for shipment.
  • Updates and hotfixes

    Review Microsoft technical bulletins that are relevant to system builders

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TechNet support 

  • TechNet support

    Search for a solution, ask a question in the forums, or find additional support assistance.

  • Security for IT Pros

    Search all security bulletins, read the latest advisories, sign up to receive bulletins, and more.

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  • Hardware Dev Center
    Download kits and tools for Windows 10. Learn how to develop universal drivers, get code samples, debugging tools, and more.

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