Windows 8 technical support training

Use these training documents and videos to help troubleshoot common issues, error messages, installation, and compatibility concerns that you or your customers may have with their Windows 8 devices.

The training includes the following topics:

  • Windows 8 user interface
  • Updates to the Windows product activation process
  • Windows Store apps
  • Startup changes in Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 10

This training is set up for delivery to anyone in your organization who provides support to consumers running Windows 8, or as self-guided training.

Course modules and videos
Module 1: Overview
This module offers a high-level introduction to Windows 8, including a discussion of the different editions as well as upgrade paths.
Module 2: Setup
This module examines the setup process for Windows 8, including a walkthrough of an installation, changes in this release compared with Windows 7, and how to troubleshoot implications of those changes.
Module 3: Activation
Learn about updates to product activation in Windows 8. Compared to Windows 7, the process and concepts related to activation have been greatly simplified.
Module 4: Windows user interface
Windows has been reimagined with a beautiful, fast, and fluid design. This module introduces you to the new Windows 8 user interface.
Module 5: Windows Store apps
With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft introduces the latest generation of apps. Windows Store apps install and run per user, have clearly declared capabilities, and are easy to run and remove without affecting the overall system. This module introduces the two categories of Windows Store apps and explains how they work.
Module 6: Windows Store
Along with Windows 8, Microsoft introduces the Windows Store. Similar in concept to other app stores, the Windows Store provides a central place to buy and obtain information about apps in Windows 8.
Module 7: Apps included with Windows 8
In order to ensure the best possible experience for new users, the Windows 8 operating system will include several Windows Store apps preinstalled. This module introduces these preinstalled apps.
Module 8: Changes to the desktop
While the majority of the changes introduced with Windows 8 are focused on the new Windows UI, there are still many changes to the classic desktop experience. They range from UI changes, like the ribbon in Windows Explorer, to the way that the desktop itself is loaded.
Module 9: Connected Accounts
Microsoft Windows 8 introduces a new concept called a Connected Account. You can use it to sign in to Windows with your Microsoft Account (formerly known as Windows Live ID) and roam your settings between Windows 8 PCs or seamlessly sign in to Windows Live services and apps.
Module 10: Startup
This module discusses some of the changes to startup in Windows 8. This includes hardware support changes that are important to the startup process.
Module 11: Hardware and devices
This module offers advice for using your existing hardware to run Windows 8. It also covers the new baseline hardware requirements for receiving the Windows 8 logo.
Module 12: Storage
Storage Spaces, a new feature in Windows 8, allows a user to combine several disks into a single pool of storage. This provides for easier management of multiple disks and resiliency against hardware failure.
Module 13: Virtualization
This module provides an overview of Hyper-V in Windows 8. You’ll also get information you can use to answer questions about Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode, which are not supported on Windows 8.
Module 14: Networking
This module covers a few of the changes to the networking experience in Windows 8.
Module 15: Internet Explorer 10
Learn what’s new in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. It comes in two different versions: touch-optimized and desktop.
Module 16: Updates and maintenance
This module explores some of the changes in Windows 8 related to PC maintenance, installing updates, and other activities.
Module 17: Recovery and troubleshooting
Windows 8 includes several new resources for troubleshooting and options for recovering your system from errors or problems. This module explains these new resources.
Module 18: Language
Windows 8 improves the way users add and configure input and display languages. Now there’s a central location for configuring languages, and display languages are available in all editions.
Module 19: Safety and security
This module briefly discusses the changes introduced for Windows SmartScreen and Windows Defender in Windows 8.
Module 20: Media
This section explores some of the changes to audio and video functionality in Windows 8.

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Tools referenced in the Windows 8 support videos

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    Test your support team’s knowledge with these assessments, which contain questions and answers from each training module. Also, get the slides that are used in the video training.

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