Get modern with Windows 8.1 Pro and the new Office

Support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 ended April 8, 2014. End of support (EOS) means your business customers will not receive updates for either Windows XP or Office 2003, and Microsoft will no longer provide support for these products. The Get2Modern campaign is designed to help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) migrate from Windows XP and Office 2003 to Windows 8.1 Pro and the new Office.

Day in the life

This video showcases modern experiences on modern devices powered by Windows 8.1 and Intel.

Get Microsoft SilverlightDay in the Life

How to capitalize on the opportunities

  • Talk to your customers about Windows XP and Office 2003 EOS and their plans for migration.
  • Learn about the new Office 365 opportunity and how it can impact your business.
  • Use campaign assets to drive EOS awareness and upgrade demand.
  • Build combined hardware and software offers targeted to SMB customers.
  • Sell Windows 8 and windows 8.1 Pro devices with Office.
Marketing resources
Windows 8.1 and the new Office Microsoft/
Intel experience materials
Office 2013 Public sector assets

Use the new Get2Modern FAQs, banner ads, email templates, flyers, and other resources to help convince your customers that the time to migrate to Windows 8.1 and the new Office is now!

Resource Description
Use this video to shows small and midsize business customers (SMBs) how the world of computing has changed since the days of Windows XP, and why the time to upgrade is now.
Communicate with customers using these customizable banner ads, which include Get2Modern offers.
Announce the release of Windows 8.1 Pro to your customers using this customizable template.
Leverage this customizable flyer to help convince your customers that it's time to Get2Modern with Windows 8.1 Pro and the new Office.
Refresh flyer
Refresh flyer

.pdf 1.35 MB
Now that End of Support (EOS) is here, educate customers about what it means to them with this customer-centric flyer.
This FAQ provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Get2Modern campaign including when it is scheduled to end.
Print ads
.zip 30 MB
Use these print ads to communicate the value of upgrading to Windows 8 Pro and the new Office. The ads include offers and editable Word documents.
This telesales guide provides a foundation upon which you can initiate meaningful conversations with SMB customers that can lead to new sales, increased profitability, growth, and positive long-term relationships.
Review the benefits of Windows 8 Pro over Windows 7 Pro and learn how to respond to common business questions.

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