Get ready for Back to School

The Office Back to School campaign provides a great opportunity to market Office 365 during this peak PC selling season. Parents and students are counting on you to show them how to get ready to go back to school. With Office 365 sales and marketing assets, you can help students of all ages understand the value of Office 365. Explain how Office 365 has upgrades always included and is unique in that it can meet all their productivity needs. Review the sales tools and marketing assets below to drive a successful Office Back to School campaign.

Marketing resources for Office 365
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Resource Description
Learn what’s new in this Back to School campaign, the value of Office, and ways to increase your deal size by selling Office to every customer. Also, see the new assets that have been created to help you sell better.
Microsoft Office Back to School announcement email
.oft 314 KB

Note Find marketing templates that can be used in the Canadian market.
Get students excited about Office 365. With Office 365, you get the full Office experience, access across devices, and premium services like OneDrive and Skype. In addition, it has upgrades always included.
Office for Mac email
.zip 7.12 MB
Use this email template to drive demand for Office 365 while creating awareness of the new Office for Mac. In light of the upcoming launch of Office for Mac, communicate the “Always up-to-date” benefit of Office 365 as a “tech guarantee” for customers who may not be aware that Office for Mac and more upgrades will be available to them as part of their Office 365 subscription.
Drive the value of Office 365, learn how to sell Office, and get answers to questions your customers may have.
Office 365 Personal Product Detail Page Toolkit
.zip 21.4 MB
Use the product detail page to understand your customers' needs and sell the value of Office 365 Personal.
Office 365 Home Product Detail Page Toolkit
.zip 40.9 MB
Use the product detail page to understand your customers' needs and sell the value of Office 365 Home.
Office social posts
.zip 264 MB
Use these ideas for your social posts:
  • What’s in your pack? This is a post targeted at students, communicating the “Always-up-to-date” message and the upcoming Office for Mac availability.
  • Which Office are you? There are two image options for this concept, and the idea is to link to the dynamic SKU chooser.

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