Deploying Windows 8: Video demos for system builders

Use these video demos to help with a typical Windows 8 deployment. Topics include:
  • An introduction to installing and deploying Windows on multiple PCs.
  • Minimum license requirements for installing Windows.
  • Adding a set of full-system recovery tools.
  • Capturing and adding new drivers, updates, and packages to Windows images.

Windows 8 deployment video demos

Play or download videos to see a demonstration of a typical Windows 8 deployment.

Note The videos should be watched in order.

Description Training
Demo 1: Automating Windows 8 Installation
Learn how to automate the Windows 8 installation process and fulfill minimum license requirements. Also see how to add software and tools by using the built-in administrator account.
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Transcript .pdf 360 KB
Demo 2: Installing Windows PE on a USB Drive
Learn how to install the Windows Preinstallation Environment, also known as Windows PE, on a USB drive. This environment helps you boot the PC to capture, maintain, and deploy Windows images.
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Transcript .pdf 321 KB
Demo 3: Making Your Own Answer Files
Learn how to use answer files to change various Windows settings during a Windows installation.
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Transcript .pdf 361 KB
Demo 4: Preparing and Capturing Images
Learn how to prepare a Windows image so it can be captured and used on other computers.
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Transcript .pdf 329 KB
Demo 5: Applying Images
Learn how to quickly deploy Windows 8 images, including how to set up hard drive partitions.
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Transcript .pdf 400 KB
Demo 6: Adding Recovery Tools
Learn how to set up full-system recovery tools to keep your customers out of trouble.
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Transcript .pdf 229 KB
Demo 7: Maintaining Your Images
Learn how to maintain your images when new device drivers and other updates are released.
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Tools referenced in the Windows 8 video demos

  • Sample answer files and deployment scripts .zip 33.6 KB
    Use the deployment, recovery, and answer files and scripts that were mentioned in the Windows 8 deployment video demos.
  • Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK)
    Use the tools and documentation in the Windows ADK to help customize and deploy Windows 8.1 operating systems to new computers and servers.
  • DiskPart
    DiskPart is a text-mode command interpreter that enables you to manage objects (disks, partitions, volumes, or virtual hard disks) by using scripts or direct input from a command prompt.
  • Windows PE technical reference
    Learn the benefits, common scenarios, limitations, dependencies, and supported drivers and technologies of Windows PE, and understand the optimal environment and order of operations.
  • Unattended Windows Setup Reference
    The Windows Unattended Setup Reference provides a complete listing of all the settings that you can use to automate the configuration and deployment of Windows 8.
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