PlayReady & HTML5

In an effort to accelerate the adoption of PlayReady and HTML5 EME on devices such as mobile phones, set-top boxes and smart TVs, Microsoft will provide a standard set of tools for integrating PlayReady into next-generation browsers on those devices. These tools will shorten development times and reduce complexity for ecosystem partners while enabling service providers to offer premium video directly through a viewer’s browser without requiring plug-ins.

VOD and Live TV with protection of premium content via HTLM5 across multiple browsers, using the CDM interface.

Content Decryption Module Interface Specification:
The specification describes an open interface which may be used to implement an EME-compliant Content Decryption Module (CDM) within a User-agent, providing access to a platform DRM component which supports the defined Content Decryption Module interface (CDMi).

The Content Decryption Module Interface (CDMi)

The Content Decryption Module Interface (CDMi) for Scale

EME and Advanced Content Protection

EME and Advanced Content Protection

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