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Topgun Simulations

With over 5,000 flight hours in the F-14 Tomcat (and more than 1,200 carrier landings in it), our friend Dale "Snort" Snodgrass is the most experienced Tomcat pilot in the world. He also spent many years working on board aircraft carriers qualifying new pilots as a Senior Wing Landing Signal Officer (LSO).

Almost two years ago, Snort came to us with some ideas for carrier-related missions for FSX. Brandon Seltz and I worked with him to create two missions that we'll be releasing as freeware on FSInsider. Snort's the real deal, so if you like flying the F/A-18 in Acceleration, you're gonna love these missions.

In the meantime, Snort has some fun for you on his own new Web site:


They'll be running aircraft carrier landing tournaments with some incredible prizes including custom Débaufré watches, Speed and Angels DVDs, a Jetline Systems Flight Sim PC, and ... for one lucky grand prize winner ... a real-world ride with Snort in a supersonic F-5!

The site follows a pay-to-play arcade model, but by simply registering you can check out the whole experience for free. Each pass you fly is graded, and the results are uploaded to a Navy-style "Greenie Board" on the site that lets you see where you stand (relative to your previous attempts, to other simmers in your country, and to virtual naval aviators from around the world).

The competition is sure to be both fun and fierce. The first tournament runs 12/12 through 1/1, and the winner gets a Débaufré watch. If you don't yet have a copy of Acceleration, go buy one so you can participate! An easy way to get it is to just download it from the new Microsoft Store.

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Secret Shuttle

Shuttle government workers to a secret air base in "Area 51."

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