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Tracking Map

Red line depicts direct course between planned destinations. Actual route will differ.

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 Route (Dates dependent on weather)

Date Flown  Origin Destination Distance (NM)

March 23

Miami, Florida (KOPF) Cleveland, Ohio (KBKL)


March 25 Cleveland, Ohio (KBKL) New York, New York (KFRG)


March 30 New York, New York (KFRG) St. John's, Canada (CYYT) 1019
April 7 St. John's, Canada (CYYT) Santa Maria, Azores (LPAZ) 1380
April 9 Santa Maria, Azores (LPAZ) Madrid, Spain (LECU) 1036
April 11 Madrid, Spain (LECU) Rome, Italy (LIRA) 783
April 14 Rome, Italy (LIRA) Athens, Greece (LGAV) 653
April 19 Athens, Greece (LGAV) Cairo, Egypt (HECA) 621
April 21 Cairo, Egypt (HECA) Luxor, Egypt (HELX)


April 22 Luxor, Egypt (HELX) Dubai, UAE (OMDB) 1248
May 9 Dubai, UAE (OMDB) Mumbai, India (VABB) 1314
May 10 Mumbai, India (VABB) Calcutta, India (VECC)


May 16 Calcutta, India (VECC) Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD) 920
May 18 Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD) Hong Kong (VHHH) 1045
May 24 Hong Kong (VHHH) Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP) 485
May 24  Taipei, Taiwan (RCTP) Nagoya, Japan (RJNA) 1041
May 31  Nagoya, Japan (RJNA) Asahikawa, Japan (RJEC) 566
June 9  Asahikawa, Japan (RJEC) Shemya, Alaska (PASY) 1530
June 17 Shemya, Alaska (PASY) Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) 1277
June 19 Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) 532
June 20 Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) Seattle, Washington (KBFI) 790
June 21 Seattle, Washington (KBFI) Denver, Colorado (KFTG) 896
June 24 Denver, Colorado (KFTG) Houston, Texas (KHOU) 759
June 27  Houston, Texas (KHOU) Miami, Florida (KOPF) 914
Approximate total: 21, 329 NM



How does it work?


A Sky Connect Mission Management Unit provides GPS tracking, satellite telephone, and text messaging capabilities in flight. Data is transferred between Barrington's aircraft and Sky Connect via the 66 low-orbit satellites in the Iridium satellite network. Microsoft requests the data from Sky Connect and Barrington's most recently reported position is presented to you via Virtual Earth.



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