Information for Educators 
Using Flight Simulator as a tool in the classroom 

We hear from many teachers who want to use Flight Simulator in the classroom to complement studies in math, science, geography, and other subjects. Fortunately, several leading aviation organizations have already developed education programs that use Flight Simulator and provide aviation-related lesson plans, study materials, and the like in ready-made kits for teachers. This guide describes some of the resources available to teachers who want to include Flight Simulator and aviation-related topics in their lessons.

EAA Education Programs
The Experimental Aircraft Association has created several programs for students at various grade levels. An overview of all EAA education programs is available at EAA youth programs include Young Eagles, Air Academy Camps, AeroScholars, and KidVenture.

AvKids from NBAA
The National Business Aviation Association has created AvKids, a program designed to educate elementary school students about the benefits of business aviation to the community and the career opportunities available to them in the business aviation industry. The program includes materials for teachers and students, a guide to help arrange a speaker's day at your school, games and quizzes, and other materials that teachers will find useful. You can download the "Activity Guide and Teacher's Resource" and other materials and learn more about AvKids at

Civil Air Patrol Programs
The Civil Air Patrol has many education-related programs, including a community outreach program. The CAP Web site offers teacher's guides, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and other materials for educators, even if they're not CAP members.

National Aviation Education and Space Education Alliance (NASEA)
NASEA works to coordinate communication between aviation and space education programs. Its Web site includes links to many state organizations; you can check them out at

FAA Aviation Education Outreach
The Federal Aviation Administration also sponsors education programs. For more information, see