Secret Shuttle 
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 

As a new Captain for a secret airline that doesn't officially exist, you're about to take workers on an early morning flight from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (KLAS) to an air base at Groom Lake.

To avoid a paper trail, the flight takes place under Visual Flight Rules. The route takes you west from Las Vegas direct to Desert Rock, then north up the Emigrant Valley to Groom Lake.

Groom Lake is a dry lakebed in "Area 51," a government-owned tract of land in the Nevada desert that has long been shrouded in secrecy. Rumors abound regarding experimental aircraft testing, unidentified flying objects, aliens, and government conspiracies — but only a few hundred people know for sure what goes on there, and they aren't talking.

The mission begins with your 737-800 parked on the ramp.