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Key Concepts Flights
Important Skills Missions
In the Cockpit Flight Simulator Extreme
Advanced Flying Skills

Key Concepts

New to Flight Simulator? These articles provide a helpful overview to get you into the air quickly.

Understand the Big Picture
Just Get Me Flying
Step-By-Step Guide
Using the In-Game Menus
Getting Help on the Fly
Whats Changed

Important Skills

Whether you prefer props, jets, or helicopters, reading these articles on Flight Simulator basics will help you make the most of your experiences aloft.

Optimizing Visuals and Performance
Using a Joystick
Using the Keyboard
Using the Mouse
Using an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

In the Cockpit

Flight Simulator models the whole wide world. To get to your destination, you first need to master the cockpit. Here are some articles that give you a detailed look at the view from the pilot's seat.

Cockpit Basics
Controlling the Engine
Using the Kneeboard
Using Views and Windows

Advanced Flying Skills

Mastered the basics in an ultralight? Take the leap into more challenging aircraft with this helpful advice.

Flying Jets


Like what you see on a flight? Save the scenario so you can fly it again and again. Here's how.

All About Flights


Time for some fun! Missions add structure to your Flight Simulator experience. Here's some reading that explains about this new feature.

Pilot Records
All About Missions

Flight Simulator Extreme

The game is just the beginning. Here's a taste of what's possible outside the box.

Expanding Your Hobby
Using Multiple Monitors
Flight Simulator as a Training Aid

About the Learning Center

Flight Simulator X includes a Learning Center that's your best source for information about using Flight Simulator. You'll find dozens of articles covering basic and advanced topics, as well as lessons with flight instructor Rod Machado.

On this page, you'll find print-friendly PDF versions of some of the articles.

Ready to start exploring? In Flight Simulator, on the main screen, click Learning Center.