MVP Summit 2008! 
Kwanseok, Katy, Owen, and Nick Drop in for a Visit 
by Hal Bryan 

Last week, I had the barely-deserved good fortune to play host to four of our MVPs who were visiting as part of the 2008 MVP Global Summit. If you don't know what an MVP is, here's the official Microsoft definition:

MVPs are individuals who are awarded Most Valuable Professional status by Microsoft for their deep technical expertise, product knowledge, continuous feedback, and consistent advocacy of the "voice of the customer." Their contributions help Microsoft evolve its programs and products. MVPs are thought leaders committed to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft products and technologies.

If you don't know who our MVPs are, see their names and links to their profiles by clicking right ... about ... here.

It was great to see dear old friends Katy Pluta and Owen Hewitt, and we also saw Nick Whittome. (Kidding! Nick - we kid because we love! We love what you brought, anyway ....)

This was an especially eventful visit, as it was also the first time any of us had the chance to meet Kwanseok Park, who flew all the way from Seoul to meet with us and to discover that he hates diet root beer because it tastes like toothpaste.

We had the luxury of spending two full days with the group and gave them a good look at just about everything we've got going on in the studio these days, not to mention a number of things that will be going on in the coming months and years.

I was planning on linking to Nick and Owen's write-ups, but Nick's primarily just links to Owen's, proving that he's not only as lazy as I am (by which I mean "prone to efficiency and skilled at leveraging the work of others"), he's faster! So check out Owen's post for a number of pics from their trip.

Kwanseok, Katy, Owen, and Nick 

(L-R) Kwanseok Park, Katy Pluta, Owen Hewitt, and Nick Whittome

(Photo by Hal Bryan. Stolen from Owen Hewitt.)