Product Activation 

One of the new features in Flight Simulator X that has generated the most questions (not to mention the most active speculation) is product activation. In previous versions of Flight Simulator, the copy protection scheme required that you left one of the Flight Simulator CD-ROMs in your drive whenever you wanted to use the product. Unfortunately, this meant that if you lost the disc, or it was damaged, you were out of luck. In addition, there were certain hardware combinations that wouldn't read the disc correctly, as well as other issues that frustrated our customers. In fact, one of the most common user requests we've received over the years is that we eliminate this requirement altogether.

Well, we did!

For Flight Simulator X, we've taken our cue from Microsoft Windows and Office, and moved to a one-time product activation scheme that verifies your installation—then leaves you alone.

Our Product Support team has written a Knowledge Base article that takes you through the process step-by-step, and answers the most common questions.

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