• The business value of Software Asset Management.

    Maximize the value of your software investments with Microsoft SAM. Learn more by reading the IDC Solution Brief.

What is SAM?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of proven IT practices that unite people, processes, and technology to control and optimize the use of software across an organization. SAM can help you control costs as well as manage business and legal risks, optimize software licensing investments, and align your IT investments with business needs.



costs, risks, and complexity for a stronger, healthier financial position.



use and cost of existing software assets, so that you can do more with what you already have.



your IT investments with your business goals for increased agility and productivity.

customer evidence

Customer evidence

Hear from customers around the globe how SAM has benefited their business.

“The SAM Assist engagement eliminated the guesswork about what we were licensed for and what we should be licensed for. It helped us access and fully comprehend the information that was available.” - Ira Greenfield, Vice President of Technology, Extended Stay Hotels, United States

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use cases

Use cases

Technology trends: Adopt practices that maximize benefits while safeguarding the integrity of your business.

You’ve heard about them, now you’re experiencing them: personal devices connecting to your network, Cloud computing, and ease of downloading apps. It’s easy to lose control. SAM can help.

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sam programs

SAM programs

Microsoft works with highly trained, qualified partners to make proactive SAM assistance available to customers around the world, giving you a head start on building your technology plans for the future.


Tools & products

Select the right tools and products to support your SAM strategy.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

keeps employees productive on their favorite devices—and your company data protected.

Microsoft Intune

provides employees access to corporate resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device.

Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit

makes it easy to inventory and assess your IT infrastructure and determine the right technologies.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

enables employees to work anywhere on the devices that they choose.

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In today's increasingly dynamic IT environments, the ability to effectively access, manage, and secure both software and hardware assets is more critical than ever.

Software asset management is now an issue for C-level leaders. SAM has evolved into a discipline that supports strategic business development, requiring IT leaders to engage C-level commitment to SAM investment.