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Why Upgrade?

Using an older version of Streets & Trips? Here are great reasons to upgrade to Streets & Trips 2013.

New or improved in 2013

  • Enjoy a sleek and clean new look in high contrast for easier viewing.
  • Get updated maps of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Includes 150,000 more miles of roads than Streets & Trips 2011.
  • Create larger drive time zones for more flexibility in your planning.
  • Explore 2.5 million points of interest (600,000 more than Streets & Trips 2011)
  • Read customer reviews and ratings of businesses to find the best places to go.
  • Turn all pushpin names on or off with a single click.
  • See your current driving speed while in full Navigation Mode.1
  • View your compass direction on the Navigation Pane.1

New or improved in 2011

  • Updated street-level maps for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • 88,000 additional miles.
  • 1.9 million points of interest.

New or improved in 2010

  • Save time by setting your map to always start at a particular location.
  • Share trip details or itineraries with friends and family.1
  • Share with your GPS device for easy navigation.1
  • Easily delete or hide groups of pushpins.
  • Choose specific roads to use on your trip just by dragging-and-dropping the route.
  • Integration with Bing Maps. Find additional points of interest when online.
  • 300 unique pushpin images to choose from.

New or improved in 2009

  • Even more intuitive look and feel.
  • Send location to your mobile device.2
  • Quickly alter your route. Automatic rerouting helps you get back on track, even when you miss a turn.1
  • Identify one-way streets at a glance.
  • Estimate drive time.

1GPS device sold separately. To share your route with your other GPS devices you must export a GPX file to a GPX-compatible GPS device. Not all GPS devices are supported.

2You may be charged a fee by your wireless provider to receive messages.