Focus on Developer Productivity

Tools should make your life easier. WebMatrix offers a rich editor designed for productive coding with auto completion, syntax highlighting, code collapsing, and code validation.

Auto Completion and Type Through

WebMatrix editor offers "code completion" (or IntelliSense). As you type, the editor suggests functions or keywords appropriate for the immediate context.

WebMatrix will also auto complete all of your quotes, braces, parentheses, and brackets. But if you want to type the closing elements yourself, WebMatrix won't get in your way—this is called "type through".

Brace Highlighting

Sometimes JavaScript’s nested callbacks can get out of hand. WebMatrix makes it easier to figure things out with matching brace highlighting.

Code Collapse

Our code collapse feature helps keep large functions out of the way, letting you focus on the parts of code that matter.

Code Validation

Nobody gets it right the first time. As you type, we will validate your code and display syntax errors to help you avoid mistakes.


WebMatrix allows you to select the automatic formatting options you want and to customize the editor according to your preferences.

File Templates

Want to add a new file to your website? WebMatrix offers a variety of file templates to choose from, including html, css, php, cshtml, js, xml, txt, and many more. To help you jump-start your code, the templates include code blocks common to each file type.

If you have multiple files open, WebMatrix color-cues the tabs by file type to help you quickly determine which is which.

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