Why You'll Love Developing Extensions for WebMatrix

WebMatrix supports writing extensions that extend its core functionality. Whether you are looking for exciting new features or want to share your extensions with the world, the Extension Gallery is here.

Find New Extensions

If you're wondering how your site would look on an iPhone, there’s an extension for that. You can browse for extensions and install them without ever leaving WebMatrix.

Create Your Own

WebMatrix provides straightforward extensibility interfaces that can be used in any .NET language. Here are a few examples of extensions that have been written for WebMatrix:

A device simulator that lets you preview your site in a specific device like the iPhone or Windows Phone 7:

A snippet tool that lets you select code to create snippets for a certain file type, and then insert them as often as you like:

A theme editor for selecting code editing themes from an online gallery:

You can quickly create and upload your extension to the Extension Gallery, where it will be available both online and from within our gallery inside WebMatrix.

Visit our Extension Gallery Site to get started today.

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