Open Source Web Applications
Made Easier

Open source web apps make it easy to get started developing websites, but they can sometimes be time-consuming to get configured on your computer. WebMatrix makes it simple and straightforward.

Streamlined Install

To get an open source application, you have to find and install all the required dependencies and configure them *just* right before you get started.

But WebMatrix takes care of all of that for you. Choose from dozens of popular open source applications and let WebMatrix do the rest.

See that Azure icon in the top left corner of WordPress? This icon highlights applications that have been tested with Windows Azure Web Sites.

Customized Dashboard

Popular applications like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Umbraco—and many others—have customized WebMatrix. When you install such an application, it adds dashboard links and ribbon buttons to help you get started and connect with the community.

Protected Core Files

Most OSS applications have core files that should not be modified. If you accidentally try to edit or delete one of these core files, WebMatrix alerts you.

Application-Specific Code Completion

Some of the applications in the gallery have added code completion to WebMatrix for their specific functions, helping you write app-specific code faster!

Seamless Downloading and Publishing

WebMatrix supports quick publishing to a live server. You can download a remote site directly with WebMatrix, and it will detect recognize, install, and configure everything you need to get a local copy running on your computer.

Application-Specific Extensions

Some of the applications in the gallery have extended WebMatrix core functionality to improve your experience. Get started by browsing our Extension Gallery.

Publish to the Cloud

You can publish your favorite open source web application to Windows Azure or any hosting provider that supports FTP or Web Deploy.

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