Build Compelling Websites with PHP

Are you a PHP developer? We love PHP too. WebMatrix makes it easier to build websites with PHP with features like code completion and built-in templates using best practices.

Code Completion for PHP

Many development editors have a feature called "code completion" (or IntelliSense). As you type, the editor suggests functions or keywords appropriate for the immediate context. The entire PHP function library is at your fingertips when you code!

Instant Documentation

When you're browsing other people's code (or even your own code from a while back), you might not recognize some of the functions or constructs that you see. Now, without leaving WebMatrix, you can quickly get information on an element by holding the mouse pointer over it.

Code Completion for Open Source Applications

If you like to work with web applications like WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal, you'll love the application-specific code completion.

PHP Templates

Every project starts somewhere. Our built-in templates provide a wide range of starting points, from empty sites, up through full-featured applications that include login and page management.

Publish to the Cloud

You can publish your PHP website to Windows Azure or any hosting provider that supports FTP or Web Deploy.

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