Sustainable Devices

At Microsoft we think every device should be made with the environment in mind. All devices we produce fulfill our strict criteria. In pursuit of sustainability, we are also committed to minimizing the negative impacts that our operations and product life cycles may have on the environment and communities. For our software products, Microsoft promotes the use of web-based downloads online instructions whenever possible to reduce the use of plastics and paper.

We also restrict the use and content of toxic substances in the manufacture and packaging of our hardware and software products. Recognizing that our direct actions are only part of the process, Microsoft requires that our global manufacturing partners and vendors follow sound environmental practices with respect to their facilities and the products they manufacture for us.

We continuously improve the environmental credentials of all our products. For example, mobile devices have long been pioneer products in phasing out substances of concern. But it doesn't stop there. We also:

  • improve energy efficiency
  • use renewable materials and smart packaging
  • increase the sustainability of our supply chain to its furthest reaches including Human Rights
  • close the lifecycle loop through effective end-of-life practices that put energy and valuable materials back into circulation

Additionally, we have regularly introduced new, more sustainable materials such as bio plastics, bio paints, recycled metals and recycled plastics in our devices. We have reduced content inside the packaging and empty space, which has allowed us pack our products in a minimized package. You can review our hardware specifications here.

Definitions of Common Eco Words

  • Recyclable – materials that can be processed into new products to prevent waste.
  • Renewable – resources (energy or materials) that don’t run out when we use them.
  • Sustainable – ability to conserve an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.
  • Biomaterials – materials that are ‘grown’ or developed by using part of an organic structure.

Eco profiles for phones (PDF)

Eco profiles for accessories (PDF)