Microsoft Vendor Program

The Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program

Published: April 25, 2003 | Updated: May 16, 2011

MPSP: Exceptional Suppliers, Exceptional Value

The Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP) makes it easy for Microsoft employees to work globally with a prequalified, select group of suppliers—and for suppliers such as you to work with us. The objective is to make working with Microsoft beneficial to all.

The goal of MPSP is simple: To enable new efficiencies for both Microsoft and suppliers, bringing new value to the relationship that we are building together.

To give you an idea of how enthusiastic Microsoft employees are about using MPSP suppliers, take a look at the MPSP Testimonial Video, available to the right.

Program Highlights

A primary purpose of MPSP is to define the way suppliers do business with Microsoft, including requirements and expectations, to create a clear, straight path to success. The following are some key elements of MPSP:
  • MPSP includes suppliers of all kinds of goods and services.
  • The program includes only suppliers who are the best in providing their category.
  • MPSP suppliers are divided into two distinct levels—premier supplier and preferred supplier—to provide a hierarchy of benefits and visibility to MPSP suppliers.
  • MPSP is committed to diversity, including exceeding government-mandated goals and requiring MPSP suppliers to share in this goal.

Next Steps