Microsoft Vendor Program

MPSP Requirements and Benefits

Published: April 23, 2003 | Updated: September 10, 2013

The Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP) has specific requirements that suppliers are required to meet. Suppliers are also evaluated against certain Microsoft business objectives. That's why not every supplier that is referred to the program and that meets the basic requirements is admitted.

Requirements Overview

To be part of the program, suppliers must meet the requirements outlined here.

RequirementsApproved PreferredApproved Premier
Vendor Privacy Assurance Program compliance
Anti-Corruption compliance
Nominated by a Category Manager, Procurement Business Partner, Vendor Account Manager, or Business Owner
Master Contract compliance
Non-Disclosure Agreement compliance
Credit Rating compliance
Approved Supplier List (ASL) compliance, approved on minimum of one ASL
Category Director/Field appropriate approval 
> $10M for US and > $1M for non-US 
MPSP Advisory Board Review and Acceptance 
Microsoft Global Relationship Owner and/or Executive Sponsor 
Annual Scorecard or Annual Business Review 
Global Reach, active in multiple tier one countries 

Approved Premier suppliers are the featured supplier by category in the e-procurement system that is used by Microsoft employees. In some cases, a supplier may be the sole supplier in a category. Some categories of goods or services may not have a supplier at the MPSP Approved Premier level. Approved Premier suppliers make up no more than the top 20 percent of the Microsoft supplier base.

Benefits Overview

When a supplier joins the Microsoft Preferred Supplier Program, the supplier becomes eligible for program benefits, which Microsoft may modify over time. The following table outlines the current MPSP benefits.

Benefits Approved PremierApproved Preferred
RecognitionEligible for MPSP Awards Program and self-nominations 
 Showcase MPSP Award finalist during MPSP Summit
 Press Release on MPSP Award Winners
 Internal showcase of MPSP Award Winners
 Eligible for Supplier of the Year
 Supplier Showcase on intranet and extranet sites
EventsMPSP Summit invites
 MPSP Expo(s) invites
 MPSP Regional Supplier Day invites
 Executive Briefing breakout session invite
More WorkApproved on one or more Category Cards
ExposureEligible for Supplier Advisory Board membership 
TrainingTrained on category-specific content as well as in the use of general Microsoft procurement processes, such as MS Invoice and MS Inquire (United States and Canada only) 
ResourcesDirections on Microsoft Product Roadmap Discount  
 Brand Tools and Media Bank Access
 Discounts on select software, games, hardware, controllers, and books (United States and Canada only)
 MPSP Quarterly newsletter distribution
 1 Minute Update distribution
 Errors & Omissions insurance discount
 MPSP Office support

Supplier Awards

Through the MPSP Excellence Awards Program, Microsoft annually recognizes suppliers that consistently provide an outstanding level of service and quality.

The award categories are:
  • Supplier of the Year
  • Brand Value
  • Market Agility
  • Reduced Risk
  • Innovation
  • Cost Management

All nominations are submitted by the Category Manager (CM) and Supplier Account Manager (SAM) or the supplier by using an official entry form. An award selection committee then determines the winners, which are announced and awarded at the MPSP Annual Supplier Summit each year.

In 2013, Microsoft issued six MPSP Excellence Awards to key suppliers whose performance over the past year demonstrated exceptional commitment and service.

Read the press release

Metia: Recipient of the 2013 Brand Value Award

Metia has a substantial history of working closely with Microsoft to design and deliver successful digital projects, including websites, data solutions, and mission-critical digital marketing infrastructures. Metia demonstrated strong Microsoft brand awareness through its Business Hub project, which achieved significant customer satisfaction and increased trust in the Microsoft brand through the Windows Azure platform. Using Windows Azure guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime, and it supported Microsoft’s sustainability initiatives by hosting the site in the cloud. The Microsoft brand prioritizes discoverability and invites consumers to engage in conversations with Microsoft, so it was critical to deliver a social-friendly site. Metia designed and developed a Microsoft-branded web platform that enabled customers to quickly find relevant content. Using innovative technologies to deliver high-quality content to a diverse range of customers has improved perceptions of Microsoft products, increased the opportunity for revenue-generating customer transactions, and exceeded expectations.

Moravia IT a.s.: Recipient of the 2013 Cost Management Award

Moravia IT a.s. is a globalization solution provider, enabling companies in the information technology, e-learning, and life sciences industries to enter global markets with high-quality multilingual products. When presented with the challenge of inventorying and localizing the Microsoft Knowledgebase, Moravia leveraged its proprietary technology to create predictive algorithms that can prefilter the Knowledgebase text before the localization-processing stage. Prefiltering avoids the time and engineering expenses normally associated with such projects. Moreover, because this solution retains and makes localized content available on an ongoing basis, a significant amount of new Knowledgebase article content does not need to go through the localization process. Based on this success, Moravia delivered in three additional key areas: lowered costs, expanded list of languages, and scalability (adjusting to expanded word volumes). In doing so, it significantly decreased costs (unit and total) while increasing the efficiencies (localized output) for Microsoft. These three objectives were achieved without affecting user quality, as measured by linguistic quality testing and end-user acceptance of the Knowledgebase article content.

Accenture: Recipient of Both the 2013 Innovation and Reduced Risk Awards

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company that combines proven experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies.

Innovation. Innovation enables Accenture and Microsoft to collaborate and solve complex business problems. Accenture has consistently participated in Microsoft breakthroughs, such as creating high-impact analytics that drive wins for Microsoft in search; modernizing the technology behind Microsoft Volume Licensing programs; helping Microsoft rethink how it builds and deploys products in an “as-a-service” world; and developing ways to get Kinect to market. Accenture has been pivotal and innovative in these efforts to improve Microsoft’s critical business challenges.

Reduced Risk. Accenture has played a significant role in reducing the risk and helping increase the security of Microsoft’s people, processes, and intellectual property. Examples include successfully integrating financial, governance, and control activities around a large acquisition; helping secure intellectual property and launch plans around the critical holiday season for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business; and evaluating risks or mitigation plans for the key new licensing capability in Windows 8.

CBRE Inc.: Recipient of the 2013 Market Agility Award

CBRE Inc. is a global leader in providing real estate services and bringing a high level of insight, experience, intelligence, and resources to the engagement. After accepting the Integrated Facilities Management contract in 2012, CBRE demonstrated its supreme market agility by immediately undertaking one of the most expedited and multifaceted transitions in company history. In just 30 days, CBRE negotiated nine contracts (both in the United States and internationally); facilitated change management with more than 500 contractors, suppliers, and landlords; transferred more than 2,400 contracts; established temporary technology solutions; negotiated the transfer of leases for 151 vehicles; and set up the appropriate US and international bank accounts to support the transition. Through its diligent efforts, CBRE retained 97 percent of the existing facilities teams, continued to meet financial reporting standards, facilitated all supplier payments on time, reassigned services contracts, and successfully transferred to CBRE technology systems with zero disruption to Microsoft’s business or employees.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.: Recipient of the 2013 Supplier of the Year Award

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) is a global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global businesses, offering a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT, business process outsourcing, infrastructure, engineering, and assurance services. The TCS Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM)—a collaborative, best-in-class framework of people, processes, and infrastructure—makes it possible for TCS to consistently ensure the success of Microsoft’s initiatives across the globe. Through strong collaboration, TCS has successfully built solutions that help customers optimize and transform their businesses by using Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft customer, TCS holds one of the largest enterprise agreements and currently has more than 28,000 consultants working on Microsoft technologies. Through its commitment to drive efficiencies and process improvements, TCS has saved Microsoft millions of dollars, while making significant contributions to the successful testing and adoption of Windows 8, Azure, and Microsoft SQL Server technologies.

2011 Excellence Award Winners

  • Diversity Excellence Award and Technology Excellence Award: Zones Inc.
  • Environmental Excellence Award: Hyatt Hotels Corp.
  • Quality Excellence Award: Moravia IT
  • Service Excellence Award and Supplier of the Year Excellence Award: Accenture
  • Value Excellence Award: ChinaSoft International

2010 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year Award: Hitachi
  • Diversity Award: Allegis Group Services
  • Environmental Award: Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  • Service Award: Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Technology Award: Hitachi Ltd.
  • Quality Award: Universal McCann
  • Value Award: Flextronics International Ltd.

2009 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year Award: Compass Group, North American Division
  • Diversity Award: Corona Wright
  • Environmental Award: DB Engineering
  • Service Award: GLY Construction
  • Technology Award: Compass Group, North American Division
  • Quality Award: Crispin Porter & Bogusky LLC
  • Value Award: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST)

2008 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year: Lionbridge Technologies Inc.
  • Diversity: Marriott International Inc.
  • Environmental: Grubb & Ellis Co. and Compass Group PLC.
  • Service: CRG Events
  • Technology: Toshiba America Inc.
  • Quality: MV Transportation Inc.
  • Value: Revonet Inc.

2007 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year: Grubb & Ellis Management Services
  • Quality: MV Transportation
  • Service: LCJ EEIG
  • Technology: HP
  • Value: Infineon Technologies
  • Diversity: Kelly Services

2006 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year: Trammel Crow
  • Quality: GE Plastics
  • Service: Taylor Nelson Sofres
  • Technology: MRM Partners Worldwide
  • Value: Milligan Events

2005 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year: JVC Disc America
  • Diversity: Grubb & Ellis Co.
  • Quality: Carlyle Inc
  • Service: Foxlink International Inc.
  • Technology: comScore SurveySite
  • Value: Philips Optical Storage

2004 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year: Delta Electronics Inc. Power System Business Group
  • Diversity: Dell
  • Quality: Level 3 Communications, Inc.
  • Service: Harte-Hanks Response Management
  • Technology: SurveySite Inc.
  • Value: Freeman Companies

2003 Excellence Award Winners

  • Supplier of the Year: Flextronics International Ltd.
  • Diversity: Compass Group and Thompson Hospitality
  • Quality: Arvato Services Inc.
  • Service: Excell Data Corp.
  • Technology: Toshiba America Information Systems
  • Value: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Optical Media Solutions Division)