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Published: April 8, 2013 | Updated: May 27, 2014

In the last several years, procurement processes at Microsoft have become more and more streamlined. This means we can put the focus on what is most important—choosing qualified vendors/suppliers and developing relationships with them that enable us all to grow toward our potential. A transition from using the term “vendor” to “supplier” is underway; accordingly you can expect to see both terms used interchangeably.

Standard agreements and tools save everybody time and concern.
The Master Supplier Services Agreement (formerly the Microsoft Master Vendor Agreement) and the Microsoft Supplier Guidelines (formerly the Program Administrative Guidelines (PAG) are the two documents and the key policies central to contracting with Microsoft.

The Master Supplier Services Agreement (MSSA)

If such a contract is required by Microsoft, this contract must be duly executed by Microsoft and the vendor/supplier prior to doing any work. Because it is an overarching agreement, once the vendor/supplier has signed this Agreement, no further contracts are needed for work performed (other than specific statements of work depending on the nature of the project). Having a uniform agreement in place helps ensure that Microsoft can consistently rely on certain aspects of its relationships with vendors/suppliers without discussion or concern, which frees both parties up for more critical activities—like completing the work! The MSSA outlines, in addition to other things, the following:
  • Standard purchase order and payment terms, which include 2% 10/Net 60.
  • Tier X reporting, which helps Microsoft ensure that all vendors/suppliers at all levels are doing everything they can to ensure as much diversity as possible within the supply chain.

The Microsoft Supplier Guidelines (formerly the Program Administrative Guidelines)

Note: Vendors/suppliers who sign an MSSA with Microsoft will be obligated to comply with the terms of the Microsoft Supplier Guidelines. Vendors/suppliers who have signed a Microsoft Vendor Program Agreement or other similar agreement that expressly references the PAG are obligated to comply with the terms of the Microsoft Supplier Guidelines.

The Microsoft Supplier Guidelines, an adjunct to the Master Supplier Services Agreement, outlines the requirements vendors/suppliers are expected to follow, including
  • Microsoft travel policy. Required for all reimbursable travel, the vendor/supplier travel policy is consistent with employee travel policy and enables the supplier to take advantage of the Microsoft travel program and associated negotiated pricing.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct. Because Microsoft is committed to promoting a positive work environment, we expect our vendors/suppliers and their employees, agents, and subcontractors to adhere to the same standards of conduct and behavior that we expect from our own employees while they are on Microsoft property or doing business with Microsoft. This code of conduct is part of the vendor/supplier contract with Microsoft and is intended to assist vendors/suppliers in functioning smoothly and efficiently while performing work for Microsoft.
  • Pre-placement policy. Required of all contingent staffing agencies and other vendors with employees who will be accessing Microsoft facilities or networks, this is a basic background check process that helps ensure the safety and security of Microsoft physical and electronic assets as well as all other individuals working for Microsoft.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) parameters. A SOW helps ensure that expectations are understood and agreed upon by all parties up front. Each SOW should include price, delivery dates, and specifications for the work. Legal term should not be included in a SOW.


File NameOverviewDate Published
Small Business Contracting with MCS application form
Small Business Contracting with MCS application form.pdf
373 KB
PDF file
Form that must be completed as part of the Microsoft MCS Small Business Subcontractor Application process, which reviews potential subcontractors to Microsoft MCS North America.May 9, 2014
Microsoft Supplier Guidelines

Microsoft Supplier Guidelines.pdf
356 KB
PDF file

Full policy and procedure requirements for suppliers providing products and services to Microsoft. Suppliers who sign a Master Supplier Services Agreement must comply with these guidelines. The terms “vendor” and “supplier” will be used interchangeably.June 26, 2014
Microsoft Supplier Travel Policy
Microsoft Supplier Travel Policy.pdf
37.6 KB
PDF file
Full policy and procedure requirements for supplier travel. Suppliers who sign an MMVA must comply with these guidelines.May 9, 2014
Microsoft Supplier Data Protection Requirements

Supplier Data Protection Requirements en-US.pdf
517 KB
PDF file

Requirements for the protection of personally identifiable information and Microsoft product information. Other languages available here.November 26, 2014
Supplier Code of Conduct

336 KB
PDF file

Full requirements of the standards of conduct that vendors must follow. Other languages available here. The terms “vendor” and “supplier” will be used interchangeably.May 27, 2014
Master Supplier Services Agreement

Master Supplier Services Agreement.pdf
500 KB
PDF file

Engagement agreement that must be signed by vendors/suppliers and authorized agents of Microsoft.January 7, 2015
Anti-Corruption Policy for Microsoft Representatives

Anti-Corruption Policy for Representatives.pdf
244 KB
PDF file

Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery requirements for suppliers providing products and services to Microsoft. Other languages available here.May 27, 2014
Supplier Code of Conduct Training
This video course covers a number of topics from the Microsoft Supplier Code of Conduct. The course lasts about 30 minutes. It is available here in 33 languages. The terms "vendor" and "supplier" will be used interchangeably.September 25, 2013

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