Our Procurement Process


May 16, 2011

Microsoft has implemented a suite of online tools that provide a seamless e-procurement process. These tools enable us to manage suppliers and enable Microsoft employees to find suitable suppliers, create purchase orders, track order fulfillment, and set up e-mail and remote access accounts for suppliers electronically.

Putting procurement online makes it more accessible to everyone.
Each tool addresses a critical portion of the supplier engagement process, making those aspects turnkey. For example, MS Market automates project initiation and setting up purchase orders, so suppliers don't have to wait for paper forms to make their way back and forth between employees. MS Invoice enables suppliers to submit invoices or credit memos online, and MS Inquire allows them to track payment progress. Payments are directly deposited into the supplier's bank account; funds are secured and transmitted within 24 to 48 hours.

The benefit to the supplier is that you spend less time—and therefore lower overhead—promoting your services at Microsoft and submitting and tracking your invoices through the Microsoft accounting system. Benefits to Microsoft include cost savings and the awareness that we have put mechanisms in place designed to serve the best interests of all parties. The ultimate goal is to grow our businesses, together.