Our Procurement Process

What We Buy

May 16, 2011

Microsoft purchases a wide variety of goods and services and seeks to increase the volume of goods and services purchased from certified Minority, Women, and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (MWDVBEs).

Microsoft has diverse procurement needs and seeks diverse suppliers to meet them.
To ensure a swift and accurate procurement process, Microsoft has instituted an automated system for engaging suppliers and remitting payment. For suppliers accepted into the Microsoft® Preferred Supplier Program (MPSP), Microsoft employees who choose to purchase from you will always follow the same set of procedures to secure your services. In addition, you will always go through the same steps to invoice and receive payment.

In addition, Microsoft empowers its employees to act as agents of the corporation to approve transactions within certain prescribed monetary parameters. These monetary parameters include those outlined by the Microsoft Signature Authorization for Expenditures (SAFE) limits, which enable employees to procure necessary goods and services up to a preapproved limit. Not all employees are granted SAFE authority, so be sure to ask an employee their SAFE level before starting work.

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