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Since 2003, Microsoft has been committed to providing technology skills training to people across the country. In partnership with thousands of nonprofit organizations, we have reached more than 27 million people.

Through the Elevate America community initiative, Microsoft is partnering with nonprofit organizations that provide technology access and training in their local communities to help people find employment.

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Microsoft is partnering with nonprofit organizations across the country to provide individuals with the technology training they need to find employment. We are providing more than $5 million in cash and up to $10 million in software and training curriculum for information technology (IT) skills to support these organizations who will provide support services to help individuals to address barriers to employment and prepare for the challenge of looking for a job in today’s economy. Resources may include the following:

  • Career counseling
  • Technology skills training
  • Other job training resources
  • Job placement
  • Additional support services (for example, childcare, transportation, and housing)

Through the Elevate America community initiative, Microsoft is providing support to the following organizations:

  • FSW, Inc.; Bridgeport, CT
  • Henry Street Settlement; New York, NY
  • YMCA of Greater Boston Education and Training Branch; Boston, MA
  • Career Edge; Venice, FL
  • Erie Neighborhood House; Chicago, IL
  • Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc.; Nashville, Tennessee
  • Twin Cities RISE!; Minneapolis, MN
  • Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties, Inc.; San Francisco, CA
  • Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade; Los Angeles, CA
  • The Stride Center; Oakland, CA
  • Tincan; Spokane, WA
  • TransAccess; San Jose, CA

Each of these organizations and their partners represent a unique program and delivery model, serving diverse populations. We are placing a special focus on underserved communities, including women and young workers (ages 18-25) who have greater barriers to employment and re-employment than the broader population. Together, we hope that we can meet the needs of the thousands of individuals and families who could benefit from this type of support.


The Elevate America Veterans Initiative is helping to prepare veterans and their spouses to be successful in today's workplace.

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