Get help. Give help.

In time of crisis your first thought will likely be about reaching your friends and family and the second understanding how you can help.

In recognition of these needs, Microsoft has created a mobile application that helps you connect quickly with loved ones during a time of disaster, discover and donate to organizations involved in disaster response work, and find opportunities to volunteer.

The HelpBridge mobile application simplifies the process of notifying loved ones by simultaneously sending an e-mail and SMS to the communities you select & posting a message to your Facebook wall. You can even include your GPS coordinates so that message recipients will know where you are and the circumstances surrounding you.

When a disaster strikes, those not immediately impacted often want to help. HelpBridge makes that easy by connecting you with some of the world’s leading disaster relief organizations and by providing multiple ways to help – text-to-give donations, larger contributions via PayPal, and goods donations.

If you’d prefer to give your time rather than money, HelpBridge will show you how you can volunteer in support of disaster relief efforts near where you live and nationwide.

HelpBridge is powered by Windows Azure and our partners – Aidmatrix, GuideStar, Mobile Giving Foundation, Network for Good and VolunteerMatch. And it’s available on Windows Phone, Android and iOS mobile operating systems.


Key features & technologies

HelpBridge enables you to:

  • Create and manage your emergency contact lists.
  • Communicate quickly and easily via e-mail, SMS, and Facebook with those you care about most in times of disaster.
  • Donate money or requested goods to the top organizations engaged in disaster relief work.
  • Discover volunteer opportunities for relevant disaster relief efforts.
  • Share your location with friends and family.

HelpBridge uses:

Getting started

  • Download the app from the Windows Phone Store, Google Play or iTunes
  • Log-in with your Microsoft Account ID or Facebook credentials
  • Set-up your emergency contact list
  • Start using the app
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