Microsoft Disaster Response

Be safe, be informed,
and be connected.

We’re ready to help.

Connecting communities and enabling responders. At Microsoft, we are driven by our passion to make a difference in people's everyday lives. Supporting humanitarian relief and disaster management efforts is core to our commitment to develop technology solutions, tools, and practices that can foster social and economic change.

Response efforts

Responding to disasters

Microsoft has provided support for more than 300 natural disasters. Explore a few of Microsoft's response efforts over the years.

Prepared and ready

How technology can help

There are a number of steps people and organizations can take to safeguard against the impacts of natural disasters—and technology can help.

Helping together

Making a difference together

Microsoft has a long history of working with leading humanitarian response organizations and technology partners to develop joint solutions.

Innovation – what’s next?

Innovation – what’s next?

Fresh ideas for new tools to aid in disaster management are paving the way to a better, safer tomorrow.