Our Commitment to Transparency

Law Enforcement Requests Report

Since early 2013, Microsoft has published a Law Enforcement Requests Report twice yearly detailing the legal demands for customer data we receive from law enforcement agencies around the world. We believe it is important for the public to have access to this information about law enforcement access to customer data.

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U.S. National Security Orders

In early 2014, following a lawsuit against the U.S. government, Microsoft and other tech companies secured permission to publish some information about governmental demands for customer data through legal orders issued pursuant to U.S. national security laws, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

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Content Removal Requests Report

Click here for Microsoft's first report on various categories of content removal requests we receive and how we handle them.

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Microsoft 2015 Citizenship Report

Read about Microsoft’s citizenship commitments and our performance meeting them.

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More Citizenship Reporting

Political Engagement Reporting

See our broad range disclosures on our engagement in the public policy process.

CDP Climate and Water Reports

See our climate change and water reports filed with the CDP reporting platform.

UN Global Compact COP

See our annual Communication of Progress reports as a UN Global Compact signatory.

Microsoft Hardware Suppliers

See our annual disclosure of our top production suppliers for commercial hardware products.

Conflict Minerals Report

See Microsoft’s annual conflict minerals report.

Workforce Demographics

See the demographics of Microsoft’s workforce.

Global Reporting Initiative G4 Index

See our reporting on the sustainability indicators recommended by the Global Reporting Initiative.

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