Teals by the Numbers

How we're bridging the opportunity divided for young people.

Microsoft TEALS (Technology Education and Literacy in Schools) is partnered with 131 schools in 18 states plus Washington, D.C. The latest volunteer tally includes 490 software engineers from industry-leading companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and nationally ranked education institutions U.C. Berkeley and the University of Washington.

Some interesting facts about current TEALS volunteers includes:

TEALS volunteers 60 percent come from the
top 20 computer science
programs in the U.S.,
and one-third have
graduate computer
science degrees.
In addition, the program is attracting underrepresented parts of the population to the field of computer science:
non-Asian at TEALS The IT industry is 3-5%
minorities such as
people who are non-Caucasian
or non-Asian. At TEALS,
25% of students
are from these
women students at TEALS Nearly a third of TEALS
students are women.
On average, 20 percent
of those in the IT
industry are women.
TEALS Growth by School Year
School Year Schools Total Students AP Students TEALS Volunteers
2009-2010 1 12 0 1
2010-2011 4 250+ 18 10
2011-2012 13 800+ 67 40
2012-2013 35 (7 states) 1,500+ 400+ 100
2013-2014 70 (12 states) 3,000+ 900+ 280
2014-2015 131
(18 states + DC)
TEALS partner

For the 2014-2015 school year, TEALS is partnered with 131 schools in 18 states.

high-tech professionals

TEALS welcomes all high-tech professionals, and Microsoft affiliation is not required to participate.