Ken Ryals

Senior Director Marketing

“Back then playing with Legos was as close as I got to coding. But, once I learned to program in Basic in high school, I discovered that all sorts of doors opened for me. It turns out that coding teaches you logic, which you can apply no matter what you choose to do in life. ”

The Fine Bros

Internet Sensation and Tech Enthusiasts

"When we were in high school (before YouTube even existed), we would make feature films and show them to our friends, now our production company has over 10 million subscribers watching our films around the world. We're really excited to support Hour of Code to help get others their start."

Sneha Jayaprakash

Computer Science Student and Change-Maker

“In freshman year, I took an Intro to Java class, discovered my love of coding, and changed my major to Computer Science. I asked myself, "How can I use this knowledge for good?" One year later, my friends and I started a social good company, Bystanders to Upstanders, that uses a mobile app to engage more people in community service. Now, I can combine my passions for technology and philanthropy!”

Althea Champagnie

Senior Content Developer at Microsoft

“An amazing High School Physics teacher in Jamaica (big shout out to Mr Craven!) inspired me to transform my love for math & science into a career in engineering. It’s taken me on a wonderful journey around the world, working with smart people at great companies solving interesting problems with code.”

Get your start with an Hour of Code.

What's your dream future? Inventing something cool? Helping the environment? Creating your own business? Whatever it is, chances are that coding can help bring it to life. Through coding, you can make apps, games, products, and more. Everyone starts somewhere, so take your first step and do your #hourofcode today! We are proud to partner with to challenge 100 million people to learn to code.

If you have more than an hour

Check out our advanced trainings and tools. Microsoft is committed to supporting computer science education year-round and free resources are always available on the YouthSpark Hub.

Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab

Kodu lets you create PC and Xbox games with a simple visual programming language.



Getting the hang of it? Make apps for mobile phones and desktops in a little as 10 minutes.

Channel 9

Channel 9

Their Coding4Fun projects will show you how to code new applications for Windows Phone, Xbox Kinect, and more!