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YouthSpark Advocates are a dynamic, passionate community of young people who believe that technology can make the world a better place.

YouthSpark Advocates are young leaders who have been selected to represent YouthSpark through online and offline activities. Advocates become subject matter experts in Microsoft YouthSpark and demo the tools and resources available on the YouthSpark Hub to other students on their high school and college campuses. They also spread the word about YouthSpark programs, opportunities, and success stories via the hashtag #YouthSpark on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The Advocates community spans the globe. And its members, aged 14 to 24, have career interests that range from fashion photography, to software engineering, to game development. Advocates are tech savvy and interested in social change, technology for good, and YouthSpark. See what they’re up to and join the conversation by following #YouthSpark on social media.

Featured Advocates Bios

Delaney Brown
Hi! I’m Delaney, and I am passionate about photography. I love documenting weddings, friends, and family, and I have already won several awards for my work. This fall I will start studying photography full-time in college, and I hope to turn this passion into a professional career. One thing I love about photography is the way it enables me to combine tech skills with art and social good. I have been involved with YouthSpark for several years and I am proud to be a YouthSpark Advocate!
Julia Groves
I’m Julia, and I’m a sophomore in high school from Seattle. I love to learn, and I am interested in writing, technology, and literature. I am also passionate about connecting you to tech skills that will help them in later careers. As a YouthSpark Advocate, I have attended We Day Seattle and spoken at a summit for YouthSpark. I’m excited to be involved in such a crucial initiative, and I am so glad 300 million other young people are involved like I am.
Ramsey Khadder
Hey! My name is Ramsey and I'm a developer, a student, and a friend :) I'm a sophomore at University of Maryland College Park, majoring in Computer Science. I've always been a gamer. My love of games has led into a career as a developer. Now with 5 years of programming experience, I've created many games and apps on a variety of platforms and have held diverse internships. I'm a passionate developer and a big part of that is helping the community in any way I can, so I am excited to be a YouthSpark Advocate!

YouthSpark Advocates get creative with selfies at the program launch on the Microsoft Redmond campus.

A new YouthSpark Advocate is ready to spread the word about free tech programs for youth.

YouthSpark Advocates receive specialized training and materials, like the YouthSpark Advocate Kit.

An Advocate shows off her new t-shirt (designed by YouthSpark Star Johnnie Fresh) at the program launch party.

YouthSpark Advocates connect at a party held in the Seattle Microsoft Store.

Cupcakes help everyone get in the spirit of collaboration and celebration - yum!

YouthSpark Advocates show off their Windows 8.1 devices in the photo booth at We Day Seattle.

YouthSpark Advocates snap selfies before working as reporters at a We Day press conference.

YouthSpark Advocates get to know each other and capture special moments on a Windows Phone!

YouthSpark Advocates dive in to our favorite icebreaker game: Biggest Fan!

A YouthSpark Advocate poses with Martin Luther King Jr., III at We Day California while another takes photos.

YouthSpark Advocates pile into the photo booth at the program launch party.

YouthSpark Advocates pose with Judson Althoff, President of Microsoft North America, before speaking to 15,000 youth at We Day California.

YouthSpark Advocates demo the latest Microsoft technology at a VIP party at the Microsoft Store.

A YouthSpark Advocate at the program launch party says meeting other young technologists is one of the best parts of the job!