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Community Technology Skills Program

Community Learning Curriculum

The Community Learning Curriculum provides the foundation for teaching basic to intermediate technology skills in a hands-on manner. Designed to be used in community technology centers (CTCs) or telecenters, the curriculum provides quality content focused on real-world skill development in the areas of:

  • Beginning information, technology, and computer literacy
  • Information and communications technologies
  • Workforce development and preliminary technical certification preparation
Lessons can be taught in a classroom-style setting, or as part of a self-paced learning program. The curriculum aligns with internationally recognized certification requirements and provides eight step-by-step courses teaching skills in the following disciplines.

Computer Literacy:

  • Computer Fundamentals. Provides a solid foundation in basic computer concepts and the essentials of hardware, software, operating systems, and the Internet.

Information Literacy:

  • Using the Internet and World Wide Web. Covers exploring the Web using search engines, working with e-mail, and creating Web pages.
  • Digital Media Fundamentals. Teaches students how to get started with digital media, including music, photography, and video.

Productivity Applications:

  • Word Processing Fundamentals. Teaches students to use a word processor to write and revise a variety of personal and business documents, from simple letters and memos to complex layouts containing graphics and tables.
  • Spreadsheet Fundamentals. Teaches students the basics of spreadsheet concepts and practices, including creating worksheets, editing data, building charts and graphs, and publishing spreadsheets to the Web.
  • Presentation Fundamentals. Covers everything students need to know about putting together persuasive electronic presentations, from creating basic slide shows to adding graphics, audio, and video for rich multimedia presentations.
  • Web Design Fundamentals. Takes students through the complete process of Web page design, from the basics of HTML to strategies for designing and building a complete Web site.
  • Database Fundamentals. Introduces students to the basics of using a relational database to create tables, forms, and reports.

Real-World Skill Development.

CTCs and telecenters are encouraged to customize the curriculum to meet the needs of their particular students or the local economy. All files are available in Microsoft Office Word format, which enables instructors to customize lessons so they are relevant to local needs, making the training as meaningful as possible for students.

Availability of Curriculum.

Course materials are available to Microsoft Community Technology Skills Program grantees in 21 languages. Telecenters may obtain the curriculum by submitting a Community Technology Skills Program application through the local Microsoft office, or by sending an
e-mail message to, or by visiting the curriculum download page. Learn more >



Download the Community Learning Curriculum here


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