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Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft
Microsoft believes that technology can empower people and organizations on the planet to achieve a more sustainable future. We’re using the power of our technology to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations and our products. And we’re working with our partners around the world to discover and implement innovative ways to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future for our planet.
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Neutralizing our carbon emissions

We have been carbon neutral since June of 2012, and we’re committed to lean, green and accountable business practices.

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Investments in renewable energy are a core component of Microsoft’s overall sustainability strategy.

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Providing solutions for the future

Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in our products and services.

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Partnering with customers


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We believe every device should be made with the environment in mind – so we do just that.

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Greening our product lifecycle

Microsoft’s sustainability commitment extends to our suppliers and the materials they provide.