Energy Efficiency

Sustainable devices

Sustainable devices overview

At Microsoft, we think every device should be made with the environment in mind.

Icon Cycle

All devices we produce fulfill our strict criteria.

Guiding Principles

  • improve energy efficiency
  • use renewable materials and smart packaging
  • increase the sustainability of our supply chain to its furthest reaches including Human Rights and responsible sourcing
  • close the lifecycle loop through effective end-of-life practices that put energy and valuable materials back into circulation

Management System for Environmental Sustainability

  • identifying environmental aspects, and evaluating their significance
  • establishing objectives and programs for achieving environmental targets
  • maintaining compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements
  • driving audits, management reviews, and continuous improvement
  • analyzing data and processes for management of energy and water consumption, waste, etc.
  • energy consumption of MSC office buildings and factories
  • air emissions related to both transporting goods to market as well as employee travel
  • hardware disposal at end of useful life
  • product packaging materials
  • generation of nonhazardous waste (paper, recyclables, compostables)

Definitions of common eco words