Responsible Sourcing

We make sure our suppliers follow an ethical code of conduct.


We ask our suppliers to uphold the high standards of citizenship to which we hold ourselves. All companies doing business with Microsoft must agree to abide by our Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out our expectations about ethical business practices, employment practices, and compliance with environmental and worker safety requirements. For some types of suppliers, such as those providing contract manufacturing of our Microsoft-branded hardware, we go beyond the Supplier Code of Conduct with additional requirements and an on-site audit program. By setting clear expectations in our Supplier Code of Conduct, taking steps to assure those expectations are met, and sharing best practices with our suppliers, we’re working to advance the health, safety, and well-being of our suppliers’ workers.

On issues ranging from factory safety to conflict minerals, we work in our own supply chain and across our industry to advance responsible practices. Since 2004 Microsoft has joined forces with other technology companies in the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition to promote a common set of standards to global suppliers producing electronics and information and communications technology, which affects the work experience of hundreds of thousands of workers.

We also work to promote positive environmental and social outcomes from our sourcing practices, ranging from increasing market demand for greener computers and local organic food to supporting diverse suppliers.

Conflict Minerals Report