Trustworthy Computing Overview

The continually evolving computing landscape has two primary macro-level developments: more people and businesses rely on computing every day, and the threats that can undermine trust in computing are increasingly sophisticated and malicious.

Video of Scott Charney talking about Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

We believe fundamentally that sensitive data and personal information must be protected, that software businesses adhere to business practices that promote trust, and that the technology industry renews its focus on solid engineering and best practices to ensure the delivered product or service is more reliable and secure.

Our approach to this is called Trustworthy Computing, a long-term, collaborative effort to create and deliver secure, private, and reliable computing experiences for everyone. As a core corporate value, we are committed to continually improving in four key areas:  Security, Privacy, Reliability, and Business Practices.

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The security of  our customers' computers and networks is a top priority. We are committed to building software and services to better help protect our customers and the industry.

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Our customers have the right to control their personal information, have the right to be left alone, and have the right to a trusted experience in which they can rely on Microsoft technologies, services, and solutions.

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We are committed to improving the quality of the technologies, products, and processes that customers need for systems that are reliable and that perform as intended and expected.

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Business Practices

We strive to maintain the highest standards in our business conduct, to ensure integrity and transparency in all of our business practices, and to address society's ethical, legal, and commercial expectations.