How-to: Keyboards

How do I reassign My Favourites Keys for my keyboard?

Some keyboards include My Favourites keys. You can assign these keys to open your favourite Web pages, files, or folders.

My Favourites keys enable you to cycle through open programs and their windows (program groups) through the taskbar. You can use the Jump List to pin programs to the taskbar so you can open them quickly.

Using My Favourites keys with the Taskbar Favorites

The Taskbar Favorites

Whenever you open a program, an icon appears in the taskbar. This icon corresponds to one of the numbered My Favourites keys. For example, the My Favourites 1 key corresponds to the first program group in the taskbar, the My Favourites 2 key corresponds to the second program group, and so on.

If you open Microsoft Word, for example, and then you open three documents, pressing the related key, for example My Favourites 3, displays the first document window. Pressing the My Favourites 3 key again displays the second document window, and so on.

To access programs and windows in the taskbar using My Favourites keys

  • Press the My Favorites key that corresponds to the icon on the taskbar.

  • If you have a single window of a program open, pressing the My Favorites key alternates between minimizing and restoring the window.

    If you have more than one window running for the same program, pressing the My Favoriteskey cycles through all of the windows and tabs, even if the windows are minimized.

    In some programs that support tabs, for example, Internet Explorer, if you have more than one tab running, pressing the My Favorites key cycles through the tabs.

    If you have pinned a program to the taskbar but the program is not yet running, pressing the My Favorites key runs the program.

Moving and rearranging program groups on the Windows 7 taskbar

The number of program groups you can access through the My Favourites keys depends on how many of these keys you have on your keyboard.

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Centre automatically assigns My Favourites keys to programs in the order in which they appear on the taskbar. However, you can rearrange the icons on the taskbar if you want to make sure that your My Favourites keys are assigned to the programs that you most frequently use.

For example, if you have seven programs open, and you notice that the seventh program is one you use frequently and the third one is not. Simply switch their places on the taskbar and the My Favourites keys will be reassigned accordingly.

To move or rearrange program groups in the taskbar

  • Click the icon for the program group that you want to move and drag it to a new location.

Using My Favourites keys to open specific Web pages, files, folders, or programs

To assign a My Favourites key

  1. Open Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Centre.
  2. Select My Favourites > Open a program, webpage, or file.
  3. Browse to the Web page, file, or folder location you want.

To use a My Favourites key

  • Press the numbered My Favorites key.