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How to contact Microsoft if you have questions about your Hardware device.

Support Options

Technical support

For phone support in the United States, call (866) 833-7088. In Canada, call (800) 876-8533. For all other regions, see the “International technical support numbers” below.

Consult documentation

Read through all printed materials. For additional product information, go to the Microsoft Hardware website at

Broken/Defective products

For fastest replacement of broken or defective products call warranty directly: For US warranty support, call (800)-360-7561. For Canadian warranty support, call (800)-933-4750. Or see this KB article for more information:

TTY users

In the United States, call (800) 892-5234.
In Canada, call (866) 857-9850.
For all other regions, see the "International technical support numbers" below.

Note: Conditions - Microsoft support services are subject to then-current prices, terms, and conditions. These are subject to change without notice. Toll charges may apply to all non-toll-free numbers listed.