Product Support: Headsets

How do I charge my headset?

Charge your headset before the first use and whenever the built-in battery is depleted. It can take up to four hours to fully charge the battery.

Charge or recharge the headset

  • Connect one end of the AC power adapter to an AC power outlet and the other end to the power input on the headset.
    You cannot use the headset while it is connected to the AC power adapter. When you connect your headset to the AC power adapter, the headset will disconnect from the wireless receiver.
  • While the headset is charging, the four lights on the headset will blink in sequence and then stop. (The headset may become warm while it is charging.)
  • When charging is complete, all four lights will blink simultaneously to signify that the headset is ready to use.


  • The battery may lose its charge if the headset remains on and unused for an extended period of time, so turn it off when not in use.

Low-power warnings

The headset emits the following low-power warnings:

  • Two audible tones: This means there is approximately 30 minutes of battery life remaining.
  • Three audible tones: This means there is approximately 5 minutes of battery life remaining.