Microsoft Accessories for Business

Microsoft Accessories for Business, available through qualified resellers, is an easy, cost-effective way to purchase and deploy our full line of Microsoft PC Accessories - from mice and keyboards to webcams and headsets.

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Whether you’re a large enterprise or small business, you can find a full range of products designed to improve communications and boost team productivity.

Experience a mouse that delivers comfort and precise control all day long.

Improve employee comfort, productivity, and health with ergonomically designed accessories.

Save on travel costs and communicate more clearly.

Exceptional clarity, hands-free convenience.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 for Business

Part #: 4DH-00001

$31.45 MSRP

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Comfort Mouse 4500 for Business

Part #: 4EH-00004

$22.45 MSRP

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Compact Optical Mouse 500 for Business

Part #: 4HH-00001

$13.45 MSRP

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Basic Optical Mouse for Business

Part #: 4YH-00005

$13.95 MSRP

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Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse for Business

Part #: 5LV-00001

$53.95 MSRP

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Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 for Business

Part #: 5RH-00003

$26.95 MSRP

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Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 for Business

Part #: 7MM-00001

$14.95 MSRP

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Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

Part #: 5KV-00001

$80.95 MSRP

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Wireless Desktop 850 for Business

Part #: PN9-00001

$35.95 MSRP

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LifeCam Studio for Business

Part #: 5WH-00002

$94.95 MSRP

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LifeCam Cinema for Business

Part #: 6CH-00001

$66.45 MSRP

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LifeCam HD-3000 for Business

Part #: T4H-00002

$37.95 MSRP

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LifeChat LX-6000 for Business

Part #: 7XF-00001

$75.95 MSRP

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LifeChat LX-4000 for Business

Part #: 7YF-00001

$66.45 MSRP

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Wired Desktop 600 For Business

Part #: 3J2-00001

$28.45 MSRP

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