Product Support: Mice

Getting started with Microsoft Arc Mouse

Before You Begin

  • Make sure your Surface or Windows 10 PC is Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible. Microsoft Arc Mouse requires Windows 10 with a Bluetooth 4.0 Host to connect. If you are unsure whether your Host is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, work with your Original Equipment Manufacturer for help.

Click and Scrolling Gestures

Microsoft Arc Mouse uses a single touch pad, and touch pressure to recognize what kind of clicking, or scrolling function you are performing.

Use the below diagram for guidance on how the touch pad recognizes your gestures.

Left Click
Right Click
Left click
Click with one finger on the left side of the touchpad. Or use two fingers to click anywhere on the touchpad.
Right click
Click with one finger on the right side of the touchpad.
Vertical scrolling
Move one or more fingers up or down on the touchpad.
Horizontal scrolling
Move one or more fingers left or right on the touchpad

TIP! If you would like to change any of these default settings or gestures, you can go to Settings > Devices > Mouse.

Changing scroll sensitivity

Changing Mouse Scroll Sensitivity determines the amount of finger movement required to activate scrolling. The higher the sensitivity, the less finger movement (on the mouse) needed to activate scrolling.

To change scroll sensitivity, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse.

Using Mouse and Keyboard Center (MKC) For Optional Customization

Mouse and Keyboard Center Software, allows you to change settings and how you use your Microsoft Arc Mouse. To download Mouse and Keyboard Center, go here.

  • What settings can I change in MKC?
    • Mouse Scrolling Sensitivity
    • Three Finger Click Functionality
    • Disable or Enable Horizontal/Vertical Scrolling
    • Reverse Scrolling Direction
    • Feedback for identifying programs that don’t scroll correctly.

Using Cloud OS? Mouse and Keyboard Center is not available on Cloud OS. To change mouse settings in Cloud OS, go to Settings > Devices > Mouse.