Troubleshooting: Mice

I have trouble using the Magnifier.

I want to change the size of the Magnifier, but I do not know how

To adjust the size of the Magnifier:

  1. Reassign a button to the Magnify command.
    For information about reassigning mouse buttons, see How do I configure basic settings for a Microsoft device?
  2. Press and hold the button, and then move your mouse to change the size of the Magnifier. Move the mouse down and to the right to increase the size of the window; up and to the left to decrease it.

I have trouble turning off the Magnifier.

  • To turn off the Magnifier, quickly click the button assigned to the Magnifier once, without moving the mouse.

Sometimes the Magnifier turns off automatically

If a mouse button is assigned to the Magnifier, but you have a different action assigned to the same button in a specific program (or vice versa), it might turn off automatically if you switch from a program where the Magnifier is recognized to one where it is not.

The Magnifier does not make the content of all of my windows larger

The Magnifier may not correctly display images or video in some applications or games.