Troubleshooting: Mice

I have various problems when using a Microsoft mouse.

The device does not seem to be responding


PS/2 connectors are not supported in Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. If you connect a keyboard with a PS/2 connector, this software cannot configure any optional settings.

I used to rotate objects in a CAD program by pressing the wheel button, but this no longer works

You can reassign this button (or another button) to (Middle Click) if you want to use it for this purpose now.

After I reassign a mouse button, the SHIFT key stays on even though I am not pressing it

If you reassign a mouse button to a different command, you may experience SHIFT key activation when you press the reassigned button while pressing certain keys on the keyboard. This is the result of the hardware information that is sent by the keyboard interfering with the software codes sent by the customized mouse button. To fix this problem, press the SHIFT key to disable the SHIFT key activation, and then do not press a mouse button while pressing a key on the keyboard.

The pointer does not move smoothly on the screen

The mouse may be dirty which can impair performance. Try cleaning the mouse. If you are using a mouse that has an optical sensor or BlueTrack, make sure that you are using it on a surface that does not impair performance. The sensor performs best on surfaces with detail to track. It will not function on surfaces without visible detail (such as glass) or surfaces on which it has a reflection (such as mirrors or glossy surfaces). The sensor may also have difficulty tracking on highly repetitive patterns (such as printed magazine or newspaper photographs).

Sometimes I cannot find the pointer on the screen (it seems to be hidden)

  • Sometimes the pointer has moved to the far edge of the screen and is no longer visible. Try moving the pointer in different directions until you see the pointer on your screen.
  • Some programs intentionally cause the pointer to disappear when you move it over a certain area. Try moving the pointer into a different area to see if the pointer will reappear.

The mouse does not work correctly with my switch box

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software is not supported on switch boxes. If you are using a switch box, some features, such as scrolling and reassigning buttons, may not work. To fix this problem, try the following:

  • Make sure that you install the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software on each computer.
  • Do not move the mouse when you switch between computers.
  • If the wheel and wheel button stop working, restart the computer.
  • If you experience other problems with the switch box, contact your switch-box supplier.

When I move the magnetic charging cable near my portable computer, it triggers standby mode

Some portable computers use a magnetic field to detect if the lid is closed. If your mouse has a magnetic charging cable, moving this cable too close to your computer may cause your computer to go into standby mode. To avoid this problem, keep your magnetic charging cable away from the portable computer keyboard.

My rechargeable mouse does not charge in hot conditions/direct sunlight

If a rechargeable mouse becomes too hot while charging, the battery indicator light may still flash green, but may not charge. Refer to the Product Guide included with your device to determine normal operating temperatures.