Troubleshooting: Mice

I have various problems when using the mouse buttons.

One or more of the buttons do not work when I press them

The Microsoft mouse buttons have default assignments when you first use them. Some of these button commands may not work in the program that you are using. For example, the default button assignment for the right button is Right-click, but some programs may not support this command. Try pressing the button while you are using programs that you are sure support the button's command. You can also reassign the button to a different command. The button may also be assigned to a command that you are not familiar with. You can find which commands are assigned to each button, open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software, and locate your device.

Middle-click does not work as expected in my application or game

Try reassigning the middle button to Middle-click.

For information about reassigning mouse buttons, see How do I configure basic settings for a Microsoft device?

I reassigned a button, and it does not work as expected in my application or game

  • Some games and programs, such as Windows Terminal Services and Remote Desktop, do not support customized button assignments.
  • Customized button assignments do not work in Windows Safe Mode or when you open a program using the Run as administrator command.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software.