“Microsoft Kenya Terms & Conditions for:
  1. The Microsoft Office 365 Reseller Incentive (the “Program”) is valid from 00.01 on 5th November 2013 until 23.59 on 20th December 2013 (the “Program Period”).  
  2. This Program is offered to all sales employees of partners selling Office 365 with a minimum deal value threshold worth USD $ 1500, transacting to Small and Medium Business customers with PC count of 5-249 PCs (the “Participants”) located in Kenya (the “ Territory”). This Incentive cannot be combined with any other Microsoft offers or rebates. 
  3. Employees of Microsoft Corporation, their affiliated companies, advertising agencies, gift suppliers or other representatives, or members of the respective immediate families of such employees and anyone with whom such employees are domiciled are ineligible to participate in the Program.
  4. Eligibility Requirements : The Participants are eligible to a reward if they meet the following cumulative requirements (the “Eligibility Requirements”):
    • The Participants will have to drive a minimum deal value threshold of USD $ 1 500 of Office 365 (SKU) during the Program Period.
    • For the purpose of this incentive the SKUs are: any Office 365 SKUs.
    • The Participants will have to provide Microsoft with the receipt and all necessary documentation of completed sales made during the Program Period clearly stating the reseller organization name and participant’s full name to talk2us@microsoft.com . Documentation will be in the form of recorded Office 365 Deal completed revenue in MSSales.
  5. Rewards : If the Participants meet the Eligibility Requirements, each Participant will be eligible for the following rewards :
    • First Office 365 Deal transaction over the minimum value of USD $ 1 500 – Shopping Voucher worth USD $ 25
    • Second Office 365 Deal transaction over the minimum value of USD $ 1 500 – Shopping Voucher worth USD $ 50
    • Third Office 365 Deal transaction over the minimum value of USD $ 1 500 – Shopping Voucher worth USD $ 75
  6. Rewards will be awarded to the first 100 Office 365 deals completed in the Territory during the Program period and provided supporting documentation.
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  7. Maximum number of rewards per partner organization is USD $ 450.
  8. The rewards are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-cashable.
  9. The winning Participants will be announced on a weekly basis and sent their rewards by Tuesdays of each week throughout the duration period of the program at the latest. If the winning Participant is not able to collect their reward from the Microsoft authorized agency within 30 days of being notified, the reward shall be deemed forfeited. Microsoft reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.
  10.  Purchase cancellation and/or failure to provide Microsoft with any of the documents considered as proof of delivery at any time will invalidate your reward under this Program.
  11. No correspondence will be entered into regarding either this incentive or these Terms and Conditions. Microsoft shall have the sole right, at its own discretion, to change the terms of the Program by extending or shortening the Program Period, alter any of the terms and conditions or otherwise stop or cancel the Program without any requirement for advance notice to the Participant. In the unlikely event of a dispute, Microsoft’s decision shall be final.
  12. All Participants, by entering the Program agree to be bound by these rules and agree that Microsoft may retain process and export their personal information within Microsoft Corporation and/or any of its subsidiaries.
  13. This Program will not be valid in combination with any other offer from Microsoft.